Twitter feed using API?

Hey guys,

I'm creating a web widget for my client, and for one of the sections I basically need to grab a twitter feed of my client's, clients twitter feed! I was going to use the RSS service for this but I read its being disbanded in march :rolleyes:

I don’t need the functionality of writing to the clients twitter feed, just to get say the 10 most recent posts and display them inside my widget. I dont have direct access to the customer and their twitter account so is this still possible?

Any suggestions much appreciated!

Many thanks!

Why not get a hold of the customer(s) and ask them for permission and how they would have you go about it? Seems like the solution to me.

Because its a customer bigger than all of us! :lol: No worries anyhow, I found a great jQuery plugin that does just what I wanted :cool:

I am not sure if you wanted to grab your tweet to your website or you wanted your website update be tweeted to you twitter account.
If you want to tweet your posts or pages everytime you publish then try to create a rss parser and configure it to tweerfeed account of your. I am using it till date and it is working quite well