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Hello everyone :slight_smile:

My name is Nasiha and I have a wordpress blog and one issue that bothers me, In my post edit section, there are h1, h2 headings but when I check online, every site checker for headings shows that my blog doesn’t have h1, h2, h3, in fact,

h1- 0
h2- media, science, fun…

h2 shows that are my site categories instead to be my page subtitles,

Any help please

A link to your site would help is english version both of them dont have h1

The homepage does not have a <h1> but the articles do.

I don’t understand this, some people say its better to add it in every single page and others say that h1 should be just one in homepage keyword what is site about.

Which is better?

Every page should have a <h1> tag.

I don’t understand, where did you saw that every my page has h1, because I checked in every SEO page checker, there is that I don’t have h1,

Tell me please, where and how to add h1 then?

Go to any article page and view source. You’ll see the <h1> tags there.

Check here please for my site url

H1 0
H2 8
H3 14
H4 52

shouldn’t h2 be my posts subtitles instead my categories,?

You’re asking here about your homepage?

That check only checks one page, not the whole site.
Running the check on the homepage shows no h1 there.
Running that check on an article gives this result.

Header Tag Extractor
H1 1
H2 2
H3 7
H4 15
H5 0
H6 0

As I said, your homepage has no h1, but the articles do.
You should add a h1 to the homepage.

O my God, now its clear to me :smile:
Tell me please how and where to put h1 in home page, and please suggest me the right keywords for my site?

Placing the h1 for a homepage can be something of a dilemma. An obvious choice would be the logo in your header, but the theme/template may make that the same for all pages, but for the articles, the article title should be the h1 IMO, so that may not be best.
I notice that your homepage has the title tag:-

erMagazin | The wirdest stories of the world

Maybe the title “The weirdest stories of the world” could be added at the top of the homepage as the h1 as that describes what the site is about.
Note, I corrected the English spelling of “weirdest”.

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Oh, thanks for mention that so I can correct it, I put just World Stories (to not tae much space) but it changes my static page check out I have in front page recommended content that not had before, In a blogger, we had an option to hide h1 with logo and still it’s visible to search engine, I am not sure about wordpress, because this 'World Stories can’t make beautiful right? that’s why people put logo…


The logo you had, should be readable because it had the alt attribute set to represent the text in the logo. It is important to always complete the alt attribute in images, especially where the image represents some text, as in a logo.
My suggestion in the previous post was to add the h1 in addition to the header/logo on the homepage only. The reason being that the header is duplicated on all pages, when not all pages need the h1 added.

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How to do that? There is no additional section Check this screenshot unless, it shoul add it in html or CSS?

I’m not sure. I am not very familiar with Wordpress. But someone else may know how to do it.

Off Topic:

I’ve edited the thread title to better reflect the problem. Hopefully somebody with WordPress experience can help.

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You are using the gadgetine WordPress theme, right? It is usually inadvisable to directly change the code of a ready-made theme, because every time the theme is updated, your changes will disappear and you will have to redo them. The best way would be to make a child theme and do the changes there.

Having said that, if you are willing to fix things every time you update your theme, then you can go into the code through the Editor in the “Appearance” section of the dashboard and add the <h1> element directly to the header.php file. Let us know if you want further help with that.

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