Adding Facebook Stream to Html page?

So I’ve been attempting to add a Facebook social stream to the side of a website that it programed standard html and I’m not having any luck getting it to work. I could really use some assistance…I got a Facebook API and tried to follow all of the code instructions listed, but the page doesn’t show anything (not even facebook images…nothing. Can this API work on a standard .htm page first and second, would anyone mind lending me a hand in getting it fixed? Many thanks in advance!

Hi BrandMotive. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Could you explain what a social stream is? (Maybe it’s obvious, but I’m not that familiar with FB terminology.) Usually it’s pretty easy to add something like this to a web page (FB often just gives you a block of code to add to your page), and it should be fine on an ordinary .htm page. If you have an example of what such a stream looks like, and a link to Facebook where they offer such functionality, that would be helpful.

An activity stream is all of your Facebook posts or your activity.

Have you tried this page?

Enter your details, click Get Code, and then paste that code into your web page(s).

Yea, I tried this with no luck.

You’ll need to be more specific to get any specific help…

What does the code do? What doesn’t it do?

As Ted says, you are not giving much information. Tell us what happened, perhaps show us the page(s) you are trying to put them. The more you provide, the more we are likely to be able to help.