Stream your facebook busines spage to website

I hoe I am asking this in the correct place because I am not seeing where else to put this.

All I want to do is have my FB Wall content echoed to my web site in the side bar. I have done this before a while back and it worked great. however, I am unable to find this code anywhere on FB. It seems there are no shortages of 3rd party plugins to Joomla, which is what I am using, but none do this simple task. I know the code is out there, but I can not find it. I did it to this site, but I can not use this same code because as I remember, it was generated by FB from their site, but again, I am not able to find it. They change the name of stuff so much it is hard to keep up with what they call anything.

Can someone tell me ow I can go about doing this simply please.

Many thanks,

Maybe sending this post over to the Facebook subforum would find more people using similar scripts. I’m going to flag your post and if a moderator agrees, they’ll move this whole thread over to the Facebook area (yeah, it’s a rather new area and it’s under the social networking forum, so you may not have seen it).

If someone doesn’t move it within a few days, contact someone in blue or green instead of making a new post over there, since we’d rather not get duplicates floating around.

No, I did not see it and thank you.