Adding a comment form

Hi I am new to this forum and a beginner with Dreamweaver and use CS3. I can do basic things and I’m redesigning pages on our holiday cottage website.
There is an enquiry form where people can put in info to book a cottage which is sent by email. I want to add a comments box and have managed to do so and it can be filled in but although the original form is sent successfully my comments box does not appear. I’ve looked to see if there’s any difference in the code between the existing text boxes and the one I’m adding and I can’t see any.
Any ideas?
Thanks for looking

Hi Netley, welcome to the SP forums.
Could you please post the part of your code that is causing you problems?

Thanks Guido,
The code for one of the form parts that works is

<input name=“From” type=“text” id=“From” size=“30” />

The one that doesn’t is

<textarea name=“Comments” id=“Comments” cols=“30” rows=“5”></textarea>

Hmm, I’ve changed some thing since I first looked and I can now see it’s completely different. I spent a couple of hours messing with it yesterday.
Thanks for the reply

What is your form action file? SELF or is it extended to an send.php? You should check that file and add it there as well…

It may not be that simple.

If am understanding correctly the the fields for comment is there , you can fill it and submit the form, but the comment is not added afterward, am I correct? Remember a form is a PROCESS. Just because you ad the element doesnt mean the data is stored in in the data base. So you will need to alter your database where your other info is stored, and ad a script to add the value of your comment field, and you may need to teak the file wich displays comment read the DB and display whatever is stored in the comments field of the DB.

The form processing mumbo jumbo is a bit of a complicated monster. I have it all if you want. Just let me know.

Yes, as you say it’s very complicated. I’ve managed to contact the guy who built the site, I run holiday cottages and did a swap for the build a few years ago. He’s guiding me through a little though he built it with HTML so I’m trying to drop bits of code in to tell it to send the info to my email address.
The form is to allow comments to be made when making a booking request and all the other info is getting through except the form I’ve added. If anyone’s interested the site is
Thanks for all the replies

What script is this form submitting to? If you can locate that script, open it up and include the comments field in the body of the message.

That should do it :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re right… i interpreted the question wrong… i thought he just mentioned a contact form… but it’s a comment form… that changes everything… then you would need a database to store your comments… and you have to add a column in your table as well…

Ughh then we only could help if you give a lot more code and the infrastructure of your database table.