Ad Management


I have a client who want to advertise 750 CPMs for 3 weeks on my website, means it will serve around 25 cpm a day so I signed up for OpenX hosted and added a new advertiser > campaign > banner and set everything correctly and the placed the code on my website but its not showing banner,

then I tried Google ad manager, added new slow, placement, order, creative and placed the code but even its not showing the banner,

not only on the website but not even showing on local computer,

both are not working for me,

can anyone suggest me something which can help in tracking and setting impressions limit?


Sounds like the code you’re using must have an error or something. For it to not show on multiple computers means something is wrong with the source.

I gave sometime to it & its working fine with Google Ad Manager,

But when I see the impressions it shows total impressions,
how can I see the the impression serving in break up of days like how many impressions were served on different days?