Alternative to OpenX and Google Ad Manager

I’ve used OpenX for a long time, but it appears that their geotargeting capabilities are broken in their latest releases, including their latest release candidates. Their support forums have many scattered threads about geotargeting failing without a fix in site. This has been going on for several months.

I need to move on. Google Ads Manager is a non-starter because it doesn’t have the ability to “weight” campaigns (line items in GoogleSpeak).

For instance, if I wanted BurstMedia to deliver 60% of 728x90 impressions and TribalFusion to deliver 40%, Google Ad Manager has no way to facilitate this ratio serving.

I’m looking for a PHP/MYSQL alternative to OpenX. Free is good, but I wouldn’t mind paying a reasonable fee.

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You may want to explore Ad Dynamo’s premium advertising marketplace -

This solution altogether replaces your ad server and enables you to sell your ad space at a premium, directly to ad agencies.

Hi Champ,

I don’t know if it has all the features you need, but the only script i know that is robust enough to compare to those is Oasis at Sourceforge and since it’s free it will be worth checking out and please let me know if it does the trick for you.

Or you may find it workable to use advice from one of the OpenX sanctioned consultants found on their webpage “Openx Consultants”
they might be able to help you with a fix that would be easier than starting over

Hope it helps,