Accessing submenu for mobile devices

Dear Sitepoint-users

Thanks to your help I made this site a while ago. I’m currently adapting the site, but I’m encountering some problems.
The site is ok to view on Tablet and smartphone, the problem is my submenu can’t be accessed by neither of them. Obviously this is because they can’t hover the menu-item to show the submenu-items.
Can you please help me out, how can I make the submenus accessible for smartphones and stuff?
In attachment also my css.

Thanks a lot for the help.

Kind regards

Often now (at least on iPhone) touching the main link activates the drop menu just like hover on the desktop. (Doesn’t seem to happen with your menu, though, and I’m not sure why.)

Anyhow, IMHO the important thing is that the top level links go to the right destination, where you ought then to have a second way to access those sub links in case a drop menu is not accessible for some users. (Drop menus can often be quite inaccessible for various reasons, and if you don’t have a fallback, some users won’t be able to access inner pages at all, which is quite disastrous.)

I agree with your response. However the person I made this site for, did not wish to have an extra page linking to each submenu-item. Because of the horizontal design having an enlisting on the rightpart of the center content isn’t quite an option either. In addition, upon clicking the items that have also submenu-items, there is some info of the item in itself, so an external link isn’t really an option.
So if you have any solution to make this accissible like it is now, please feel free.

Thanks again!

How about supplying a button outside of those links called ‘Mobile’? Mobile users would touch that, which would take them to a page with the main links, and tapping on any of the main links brings up the secondary links. Your client needs to know that hovering is simply not supported in mobile devices, so the present system must be reworked from scratched, or use the idea I proposed, or create an entirely different home page for mobile.

Yeah great idea of the link! Will look into if it’s not too much work… Maybe on first thought it can maintain the same layout, except for a couple of extra pages referring to the links?