A website helps you check your flight safety before you go

Hi, everyone!
Just want to introduce Safe Flights to you all! I and my partner have been working on this website and mobile app for several months, we put together all the useful info about worldwide aviation accidents and organize it in a way that people can easily and quickly review, and search the accidents record for a specific flight, airline or aircraft type.

We are developing this website and mobile app with the hope that if people are provided with enough and efficient flight info before booking the tickets, they could make wiser and more comprehensive choice regarding the safety ,other than only the price.

Our mobile free app - Safe Flights Download it here was highly recommended by iOSAPPSPY and mentioned in Airplanegeeks, really want to put the links but it is limited by site point…due to new user policy :frowning:

These website and mobile app are totally for the good cause and non-profitable, we actually initiated the idea when we were talking about the air crashes that happened in the recent years and surprisingly discovered how hard it is for people to compare the airlines by safety issues, we heard people are asking all the time “which airline is safer?”, but have no idea where to start looking. We also want to make airlines and public to focus more on flight safety not promoting cheap flight tickets.

Thank you all for reading :smile:

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What a great idea? May I ask how the traction is going? Very creative concept be interested to follow your progress.

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