A song player that shows only the song's name but not it's number from the playlist



…THIS site plays songs from my playlist…but it doesnt show the item’s number from the long list… (.im not the owner of this site )
HOW can i make it show which item is currently playing ?
(song number 50,51,52 etc.; ?)…
.is there a way to do it by html ?


But presumably you are working on their behalf, if you have access to change the HTML? (I’m just trying to understand your question which, at the moment, reads rather oddly to me.)

The problem is the URLs the site is using.

It is using script with URLs like
www.youtube.com/watch?v=[video id here]

If there is any chance to be able to do anything with indicating a videos position in a playlist, I think the site would need to use URLs like
www.youtube.com/watch?v=[video id here]&list=[list id here]

AFAIK there is no way to force a site to use a playlist.

You might be able to make a video “private” but that would take it out of the playlist too.

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Thank you very much for the answer…i would be happy to know if someone finds a way to do it. (im just a user and not the owner )

Not what you asked for, but if the intent was to get users to the playlist you could try adding some type of “see the playlist” annotation to the individual videos


So you’re asking if there is a way for you, personally, to see that information when you are using the site? Without touching the site code in any way?

i personally as u visitor / user in that site.

is there a way to know what’s the number of the song that is currently playing.?

the playlists are long ( 70 songs at least ) and i want to have a way to know if it’s song number 40 or 41 or 42 etc.

thank you again for any help and info.

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