Javascript/jQuery Guru help needed

I’m using the jPlayer for an artist website i’m working on. So far everything is working great. I have been able to customize the player to my needs so it fits in the design and with the help of someone on another forum I also have been able to change the predivined playlist variable to a dynamic one so the song are now coming from the database. But I would like to take it one step further. In the table that is feeding the player with the songs is also a field called lyrics. I woud like to display the lyrics of a song that is playing but I have no Idea where to start lets stand where to end. I hope that someone here is willing to have a look into this.

If so please tell what I need to post.

Thank you in advance,

The jPlayer support group has had some people asking similar things before.

A music band called Trucker posted saying that they’ve put together jPlayer for [url=“”]their music where lyrics are displayed for each song.

Hi paul. Thank you very much for the link! It is indeed where I’m looking for. I have posted a message, so far without reaction, but we’ll see.

In the meantime If anyone has an idea how to customize the jPlayer so that I cab integrate the lyrics as well. I’m looking forward to hear it.