A Simple Online Store

I’m looking at starting up a small online store. Currently I own and small Computer Services business and I just found a great hook up on computer parts… They will drop ship the products to my customers for me and the prices are always really good. Their products change often so I’m going to have to add and subtract the products myself. I feel like I may be taking on too much to handle… I order their products pretty frequently anyway so I may as well start marketing them online and maybe make some extra money right? What do you recommend as an online store solution for someone just starting out but with products that will change regularly?

I’m leaning towards VirtueMart running on Joomla since I’ve been learning Joomla for the past month.

How do your future suppliers allow to get their product catalog? Do they offer some kind of product feed? What is the format?

Joomla is a great option… requires some work unless you’ll be paying someone to put everything together. I really suggest that check out Homestead.com, they have an online store package that makes it soooo simple to upload products, add description and price.

have you tried viart?