A shopping site with a difference required

I want to build a shopping site, and I’ve been looking at a few of the solutions offered on other threads. I wants a site with a small difference, I want site members to be able to upload their items for sale also. Does anybody know if there is any available package to do this?

thanks in advance

So you want to build a marketplace?
I suppose it could be implemented as custom development project.

Yes any member of the site can upload new product, only condition is member do require to get register, such a software is available in market.

Thats the kind of software I am looking for, do you have any suggestions ?

You might want to check out X-cart pro which is a multi vendir cart.

Also look at auction scripts like PHPprobid because they tend to have the sort of functionality you need (just strip out the bits you don’t need).

A C2C pattern?

have you tried bigcommerce? i found them on google, there are some good reviews on the net.