A possible bug in SensioBundleGenerator

I think I’ve found a possible bug in symfony, but before reporting this to them, just wanted to make sure if this might be considered as a bug or I am wrong!
I generated a bundle, and I did choose php format for routing, a new bundle was generated with its own routing.php, and /app/config/routing.yml also was updated to let kernel know about the router of this new bundle.

    resource: "@ApplicationUserBundle/Resources/config/routing.php"
    prefix:   /

Until here, everything as expected then I used SensioGenerator to create CRUD class again I used php format and everything was generated, but:

I see a routing.yml is generated in my bundle folder with this:

    resource: "@ApplicationUserBundle/Resources/config/routing/admin.php"
    prefix:   /admin

It created a new folder with a php router in it, and in that router.yml it is loading that new php router file for my CRUD! so my bundle now has two files: routing.yml and routing.php (latter was there before CRUD, on time of bundle generation. and my /app/config/config.yml is still loading my routing.php of the bundle only, so my bundle routing.yml and its admin.php are not loaded! I know I can merge both routing.yml and routing.php of my bundle manually, but I think symfony should do this? shouldn’t it? Isn’t it a bug?

That appears to be a genuine bug, yes. The crud generator should update your routing file, whatever the format happens to be, including PHP.

Thanks for confirmation. Here is another bug I’ve found:

another issue: See here

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