Crud class system

I want to use a crud (create/read/update/delete) class system to comunicate with database. Which crud system do you suggest? How about zendForm without viewHelper as I don’t want to use zendView? Is there any better crud class system?

If all you need is a simple CRUD, it’s dead easy to roll your own. Just use something like Laravel to get up and running really really fast, or Phreeze to get up and running even faster, or even Phalcon’s dev tools to autogenerate the basics of your CRUD project.

Thank you swader, by the useful link you gave Laravel I got the idea in general what should I do. But I am on symphony, so how can I create just one symphony router to assign many actions to a resource, rather than creating multiple routers to assign several actions to just one resource? I mean something similar with this router but with symphony. Please advice.


Sorry, here I am not talking about RESTFul router but just router to create crud classes for my admin area to edit database via forms. For this purpose how is possible my question I asked in my previous reply?

After looking more, I think I can use it for what I described above, I got confusion that it says I should specify a response format like json as sais here:
for just a crud class via forms in admin area what is that json response format for?

In that case, SonataAdminBundle

Hello nimasdj, do you know the “SensioGeneratorBundle”?

“The SensioGeneratorBundle extends the default Symfony2 command line interface by providing new interactive and intuitive commands for generating code skeletons like bundles, form classes or CRUD controllers based on a Doctrine 2 schema.”

Have a glance to :
Maybe it can help you.


Thanks, But I could not yet connect to my doctrine.dbal and orm as I said here.

Hi Scoolnico,
Finally I was able to connect to doctrine and upload my entities, then I tried what you said! Very nice! Thank you.

You’re welcome :wink:

How can I run test units it generates wuth crud classes? When I customize crud classes how can I re-generate test cases?

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