A newbe question

Hey guys I have a few questions that I think you can help me out with.
This is what I got going on right now. I have bought a pre made auction website from rainworx.com.
This website consist of CSS, HTML, ASP.net, they require using Microsoft SQL server 2007.
Now what I am trying to do is edit the design in a graphical atmosphere so I can see the end result before I upload it to my server.
My problem is that I don’t know what combination of programs to use to do this, or how to set them up.

Any ideas?

You need to install the whole script locally so that you can see and make changes.

This would include installing the .NET environment, SQL server and copying IIS server on yout local computer.

I dont know much about windows stuff, perhaps someone else can elaborate a bit more - I dont think you need Visual Studio to edit .NET file but you might have to.