A New Design Team Leader

It’s with mixed feelings that I make this particular post, which serves the dual purpose of announcing the resignation of @Paul_O_B; as Design Team Leader, and the induction of @ralph_m; into the team to replace him.

Paul was around this place before I joined and epitomises the kind of guy that makes our forum great. He is patient, helpful and super smart.
Anyway, because this isn’t a eulogy (in fact Paul has agreed to stay on as an Advisor), I’ll stop now.

Please join me in thanking Paul for services rendered, and welcoming Ralph into his new role.

Congratulations Ralph, I couldn’t think of anyone better to take my place.

I can! … YOU! :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks, all the same. I will try to fill your big shoes as best I can. :slight_smile:

Hail Ralph the Mighty - you better do good or else. :smiley:

Congrats are in order. Ralph is super active, enthousiastic and always helpful.

Congratulations Ralph! And I’m glad you remain as an advisor, Paul.

Congrats, Ralph!

And thanks, Paul for your efforts as Design Team Lead - you did a great job, and I’m glad you’re staying on as Advisor!

[FONT=Verdana]Congratulations, Ralph. You’ll make a great Team Leader.

And thanks to Paul for all your work, and for agreeing to stay on as an Adviser.[/FONT]

Congrats to Ralph for his new position (btw don’t forget to change your avatar to a blue version of your current one), glad to hear that Paul is staying on as an Advisor

Ralph you already do a great job, so this is a very natural fit for you and I’m sure you will do great.

Paul, so glad you are staying on and hope your transition to Advisor is a good one. Thanks for your many awesome years of Team Leading!

Warm regards,

Ralph, you’re alright :slight_smile:

Thanks all. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I like green … I’ll have to play with that one.

Congrats Ralph, welcome up :smiley:

Nice one! Congrats Ralph!

whew glad you’re sticking around Paul…the thread title had me worried for a minute :slight_smile:

Congrats on the promotion Ralph :slight_smile:

Congratulations Ralph! It is great to see you in blue and I’m sure that you will do a great job.

Paul, all your effort is very appreciated but what it really makes me happy is that you’re staying and green is a great color that suits well to everyone :wink:

Paul’s frog-thing is green again!!! yay

Congrats Ralph! :tup: Seeing how hard you work around here, this promotion (if that’s what it is) is well deserved. I know you’ll continue to do a great job.

And thanks for everything Paul! No matter what color badge you wear, you are a phenomenal leader and an innovator. It’s great that you are staying on as an Advisor!

Thanks Linda and all.

Yeah, one day we need to find out what the heck that thing actually IS! :lol: (I hope is hasn’t scared too many kids away from learning CSS. :shifty: )

Even Paul doesn’t know for sure