A good CMS for displying examples and code

Another forum I belong to are talking about changing this http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/ to a CMS.

As you can see along with a lot of text and navigation links there are a few images and a lot of code. I think instead of just jumping into Wordpress which may or may not be the best CMS to use; some consideration should be given to other systems.

Personal I do not like or use any CMS’s and so do not have any experience of one that may be suitable. The reason for the CMS route is so it can easily be modified by different users. Could anyone suggest a free CMS system that would be up to the challenge?

Pelican? It is built using python, but you can tie it so your data/content is stored within GitHub. Then you grant access to the GitHub repo for the devs that need it “Ta Da, you have a way for them to update it, and you have a history of who changed what”

I just switched over two of my sites from Wordpress to Pelican and I’m thrilled with the results.

Thanks for the recommendation @cpradio ; there is not a lot of movement on this change yet as it is a big undertaking and there were plans to extend it with more code and examples.

Yeah, you definitely don’t want to rush it. That would be the worst thing anyone can do. I’d strongly recommend as you get closer to actually wanting this to move forward, to setup multiple options and test them out.

There are a variety of things you’ll have to do to get Pelican to fully work for you, but I know the technology exist.

Github can obviously house your content and has multiple security checks in place so you can limit who can edit it.

Pelican would either need to run on the server hosting the site, or locally (I run it locally, as I’m the only administrator in my case). If you run it locally, SSH keys would need to be given to those who can deploy the content, so they can rsync it or ssh it to the server as it is updated.

Hosting it on the server, and automating it (say hourly/nightly/whatever), may be better for your given situation. You can pull the content from github, build the output through pelican, and push the content to the appropriate folder on the server at a regular interval.

If you go with the second approach, I’d setup GitHub with a few branches. Everyone gets access to the “InDevelopment” branch, which lets them alter content and store it there for others to review. Key individuals get access to “ForReview” branch, which accepts merges from InDevelopment. Fewer individuals have access to “Production” which accepts merges from ForReview and feeds the content of the live site.

Just my approach to the whole thing, take it, alter it, ignore it, whatever :slight_smile: It is just one way that I’d consider using for this process.

I think you can show examples, codes, etc with every CMS you want. The only thing you need is some div ( or pre tags ) and style them properly, also put some nice jquery code (if you need to show line numbers in code examples…).