403 Forbidden nginx Error

Alright I’m new to this forum and I am having an issue. I’m hoping this is an easy solution… but I’m not a huge coder so It may be slightly more complicated.


I have a site running Optimize Press Theme (squeeze page theme). It randomly just came up with a 403 Forbidden nginx that appears above the header image. My site is hosted Host Gator and they stated they couldn’t troubleshoot the problem because they run on Apache and not nginx.

I’m not a code guy so I’m not sure how to go about fixing the problem. I have checked the permissions of my files and they are set to 0755. I couldn’t find a htaccess file in my FTP for the subdomain that’s giving me the error but did find an empty one in the main domain’s folder system.

Any help would be appreciated and I can upload the theme for help troubleshooting if necessary. Thanks so much!

Hi garrettsammons, welcome to the forums.

One thing for certain, the mark-up sure is a mess http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwelcome.1st-financialservices.com%2F&charset=(detect+automatically)&doctype=Inline&group=0

The bad mark-up might be the theme at fault, but I’m guessing the nginx Forbidden is because something is trying to get something from a site that is using nginx.

The first thing I would do is temporarily disable all of your plugins and see if that error goes away. If it does, start enabling them until it comes back.to find out what the problem plugin is.