301 Redirect

This is going to sound a bit winded but stick with me Oh BTW you guys advise is great so far Good Job and Thanks

I have my website with webs dot com and I am moving it to another site… Big Commerce dot com

Seo program advises I should have my keyword in the title This is where it is confusing

My site cherokeeschild dot com is in webs
My site cherokeeschildteeshirts dot com is in big commerce

I want to keep the first (cherokeeschild) cause of all the work put into it

so I’m going to transfer hosting to go daddy

Do I 301 redirect cherokeeschild to the new cherokeeschildteeshirts or visa versa

when someone type in cherokeeschild or cherokeeschildteeshirts I want them to both go to big commerce which the name will be cherokeeschildteeshirts
and do I preference www ,non www or just no preference…

told ya it was confusing

Are you going to have two separate sites? (That’s what is sounds like when you say you want to “keep” the first one.) If so, then one can’t redirect to the other.

But if you mean you want everyone to see cherokeeschild.com, then the site needs to be at that domain, and you just redirect the other domain to that domain.

So you had best get rid of the current cherokeeschild.com site and use that domain with Big Commerce.

i want to keep the big commerce domain cherokeeschildteeshirts that will be my main site
I want to shut down cherokeeschild but want al the work I did with that name to transfer to the new name

I guess you’ll have to find some way to move the content from the old site to the new, and redirect the old domain to the new one.

Im not real concerned about the content its the links and all work did with cherokees child Can I have go daddy host cherokees child with a 301 redirect to the other site

You can redirect the old domain to the new domain. Perhaps talk to the domain host if it’s not clear how to do that.

ty again

If you want to move permanently, then use 301 redirection. It will be useful to pass link juice and redirection pages to new domain.

You need to do a 301 redirect on cherokeeschild so that search engines know that this domain has been permanently shifted to the other domain.