3 Simple Steps to Get Clients to Call You

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Some sage advice Jennifer. That’s a great tip, separating benefits from features. I hadn’t thought of it in that way before.

Jennifer, great job on this article.

I truly believe the pinpointed the grey areas some business owners might have. Speaking from my own experience I also believe I use to have the “serve the whole world attitude” which made my efforts harder and ineffective. I also liked your emphasis on the focus on the client’s needs instead of talking about “us” and how great our company is.

I read about named “The Science of Getting Rich” which mentioned that every person is concerned with increase to their life and your article identifies this concept in a great manner.

I hope to read many more similar articles like this.

Mr. Alexander

I would suggest posting your phone number on your site. (heheheh)

All joking aside i would suggest giving them some enticing and information and then say “call this # for more info” or since some people don’t like talking to people so much (i’d much rather do everything by email) put something like “call our automated system and request more info” insinuating that there is not human interaction.

Additionally you could offer some free product or download that they could get by filling out a form that include their phone number, and a check box that is checked by default, and says something like “allow company to contact me with more offers like this one” and then you just call them.

My model may be different, but we try to schedule calls. Most of the time we are able to make sales online. When it comes to larger account, we do more often speak on the phone, so speaking with them in most cases is a result of having gotten to know them online first.

Defining your niche and the other ideas suggested are all great ideas and something I think ever business owner should do, but I think in order to be most effective you’ve got to use the right bait as mkoenig suggested and make sure that they see it and respond to your offer.

With your niche and ideal client clearly defined you can then use various means to get noticed and then use things like educational whitepapers or newsletters to start building a relationship with these folks.


Writing some professional knowleadge in the particular field, and leave your contact number. Or you could print your number in your business card.

Is it still considered a niche if you’re offering more than one service? I’m thinking of starting a branding business where I offer web design services along with custom signage and vehicle wraps. Would this qualify as a niche, or am I targeting too many niches?

This is a great article, btw. Well written and powerful information.

I own a martial arts studio and I recently learned from a mentor exactly what you’re talking about. A niche is of course so relevant, especially for SEO. But we need to know what copy to optimize, and defining benefits versus features has proved immesnely helpful. Great advice.

Thank you for this very informative article of yours. You have explained everything well. I appreciate that you shared this to us.
I usually post my resume online and make sure that it is always updated.
I put all the knowledge and experience
and I make sure that my contact number is correct

My opinion is that this is multiple niches, and you’re in danger of spreading yourself too thin, because each of those areas requires specific skills and knowledge.

If you were looking for a specific type of client that wanted a website AND custom signage AND a vehicle wrap, well then yes that’s one niche - albeit a very very narrow one :slight_smile: My guess is that you’re looking for clients who want one of those services, not all three together.

To define a niche in each area - that’s harder to do, and that’s what Jennifer is talking about. Eg - Web Design - are you looking for sporting clubs that need a design? Small to Medium Enterprise? Tourism related? Professional Services etc etc. Once you’ve defined that, THEN you can work out how to market to that niche more accurately.

One thing that Jennifer didn’t mention is involvement in a networking group, eg a Chamber of Commerce, or what I’m personally a member of - BNI (Business Network International). The referrals that are generated from something like that can transform your business.

give forms and at end give phone numbers.
advertise in free classified websites and give phone numbers.
The above are the two ways


It’s always important to educate the people who know you about what you do. You can use your e-mail signature to get people to call YOU to work with you. It can become a valuable Client Attraction tool for people who are emailing you for the first time and don’t know much about you.