28 days left of Photoshop

So I guess I’m trying to create a website template for myself; and this is my first time using Photoshop and I only have 28 days left so I need to finish my template asap. What I’m asking is it possible to copy layers from one .psd tab to another? I’m trying to mimic my same color scheme and I’m scared of messing up…well not really. Here is what I have for now, as you can see I need to make about 6 more screens. http://bit.ly/g9QWGw

Grab (click and drag) the layer from the layer palette and drag it to the window tab you want, and release.

The dragged layer may resize or adjust itself to match the target doc but you should get a prompt to review any changes.

You can always sample colours and create a custom palette for your website or go ‘old school’ and write the hex values down on some paper.

by tab you mean seperate image yes you can.
The second to last icon at the top of the screen (far right from File Edit etc) looks like a window with one big pane and 2 small ones. Click it and select a layout that gives you split screens of the images open.

Click and drag the layers you want to duplicate from the original to the other image.