Copy + paste slices in Photoshop?

Hi, I have made some content boxes for my website, 4 to be exact, and I am slicing them up, and they have about 12-14 slices on the 1st box that I sliced (they are all exactly the same, just different colours).

Now I was wondering, is there any way to copy and paste these slices around my .psd file? As the slices are confusing, and I want the exact 12-14 slices on each of the content boxes, and it would take me a long long time to re-produce the exact slices manually.

Thanks. If you are confused, i’ll explain.

you could always replace the content of the psd file and use the same slices, that seems to be the most efficient way. as for copying slices themselves, ive also always wondered if this was possible, but according to my research such a feature is not available in ps yet…

hmmI also dont think there is any sich feature. but you can do one thing .
If I have not mistaken you have 4 images , same but different colour. which you want to slice , but they are in differnt file.

DO one thing, put all of them in one file. Group all the layer in each file, make a new file, drag and drop the gropus from all the 4 file to this 5th file. Do the slicing, and while exporting, just make the required layer visible.

One last tip, although you may know it, its always a good practive to make guide before aking slices.

I have been trying to find a way to copy slices and move them over to another document but have not been able to figure it out. I assume that it can’t be done in a quick and easy way. I have CS and CS2 and neither will do it that I know of.