2012 Community Awards - Time to vote!

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2012 SPF Community Awards

Deadline to vote: December 23rd, 2012[/CENTER]

A couple weeks ago, we surveyed the SitePoint Forums community to give us names for who they thought best represented the various areas of the forum.

These names have been gathered, vetted and organized, and these are the top names given by our members - it’s up to you to help decide who’s the best of the best!

And to make it all a little more tempting, SitePoint has stepped in and offered two year-long subscriptions to Learnable. Not bad, huh? A few minutes of your time, and not only are you recognizing the other members of the forums for their hard work and dedication, but you could get something out of it too?

Here are the only stipulations:

  1. You do NOT have to vote for every award, but you can only vote once regardless, so be sure you’re done!
  2. If you want a chance at one of the vouchers, you MUST provide your SPF username AND the email you’re registered there under. They must match, or you won’t be in the running for the vouchers.
  3. Voting is only open until December 23rd, 2012 at 11:59PM Pacific Time (GMT + 9 - I think) so get your votes in now!
  4. If you’re in the running for an award, good luck!




Voted :slight_smile:

Voted :slight_smile:

Voted… hard choices in some of the categories with so many good choices.

P.S. I did not vote for myself in any nominated categories, it just didn’t feel right.

Voted :slight_smile:
Good luck everybody!


I voted. I love this time of year!

Voted. Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone!



I know the feeling! Maybe SitePoint could fix this next time round, not entirly sure how this works, as this is my first time running up. It’s a pretty big honor to be participated in an award or even running up, so in my mind all participants are winners! Got a really good team here anyhow, with really fun people.

I’m not too sure what you want us to “fix”! Some people don’t feel happy about voting for themselves, some people will vote for themselves only where they genuinely believe that they are the best, and I dare say there are some who would automatically vote for themselves at every opportunity! I would hope that most people would fall into the first or second camp, and where you sit really depends on just how big your ego is. :cool:

Voted. :slight_smile:

[ot]Does anyone else get an annoying JS Error! popup each time they land on a Survey Monkey page, or is it just me? It’s been happening for a while now, not just on SP surveys. (I can still fill in surveys, but just have to close the popup on each page before I can do anything.)

I’ve been thinking of asking Survey Monkey about it, but if it’s just me, maybe it’s not worth it …[/ot]

Off Topic:

I don’t get any such errors in Chrome, Opera, Firefox or IE

I’ve voted!

Voting looks tight again this year. Some outstanding faces, and hopefully some new members receiving the honours this year!

Voted without any error and problems !

Good luck everyone nominated !!


I was voted!

Good luck everyone!
Voted :slight_smile:

Voted. Some really tough choices. Great people.