2 of your minutes, for my best results =D

Hello everyone, I’m Stefano

I’m recently moving my first steps in UX world, as i’m curing contents and UX for the blog section of this site https://casino.guru/casino-guru-online-casino-guide

What i’m asking to you guys are some external feeds about how, in your opinion i’m doing.

Forget about written material, but instead hits on general design and UX are what i’d need.

What’s your idea about the site? Would you stop and go through its contents? Is the site structure easy to navigate?

Thank you in advance <3

I would like to see less bold. Reserve the bold for really important items. If you read professional books on programming, they seldom use bold unless it’s something extremely important. In the block quotes I would remove all of it because it’s already something that is noticed without bold.

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