2 Errors I can't figure out when checking my HTML5 site through Firefox

Ok, I have a new client that I am designing a website for. I haven’t done a site in quite a while. I thought since I have Adobe CS5.5 that I would try out the HTML5. I know that nothing is written in stone yet for it but I am getting 2 errors that work perfectly in XHTML but HTML5 doesn’t like it. They are:
Line 104, Column 62: Attribute img not allowed on element img at this point.

  <p> <img class="rtF" img src="images/proudsponsers.png"></p>

Attributes for element img:
Global attributes

Error Line 104, Column 62: An img element must have an alt attribute, except under certain conditions. For details, consult guidance on providing text alternatives for images.

  <p> <img class="rtF" img src="images/proudsponsers.png"></p>

The site is under http://foxdenwebsolutions.com/tree town wonderland/index.html. I am wondering if I need to move the img class to the CSS page now. If I can clear up these 2 errors, I will be fine according to the w3.org site. Please help me figure out what I am doing incorrectly.

okay, let’s start with the first error message…

Line 104, Column 62: Attribute img not allowed on element img at this point.

  <p> <[COLOR="#0000FF"]img [/COLOR]class="rtF" [COLOR="#FF0000"]img [/COLOR]src="images/proudsponsers.png"></p>

does the error message now make sense? i’ve highlighted the part that it finds objectionable

Aha, so I only need to have img once so img class"" src=“” etc for HTML5. That’s cool. Too bad that DW is not that smart to save me time in figuring this out. I would like someone to come up with a book on all the changes from 4.1 to 5 as in the syntax changes. That would be very helpful. Thank you so much for answering my question.

i’m not really up to speed on html versions but i’m pretty sure you’d’ve got the same error validating that tag in earleir versions too

I have corrected the problem and it came through with flying GREEN colors. Now the only thing that is bad is the Google Map link and oh well…I will deal with it!

For any version of (X)HTML.

The link you gave doesn’t work now. A common problem in links is that & is unencoded, and the error would go away if you change it to & — but that’s a wild guess.