1st PPC Pitch

Hi all, thanks in advance.

I’m new to SEO, and am about to pitch to an (Real) Estate Agent in a small, but competitive town. He’s agreed to see me, but is quite anti Online Marketing. He has a website, but doesn’t really monitor conversions/leads, and suspects he gets little from it. I suspect he doesn’t really understand SEO, is set in his ways, and is possibly not fully comfortable with computers. He dismisses the many ‘cold-call SEO phone pitches’ he receives, as people just trying ‘get money’ - he sees no return.

I’d just like some critique on my approach, tell me if it’s crazy or reasonable.

He currently advertises in local print (I happen to know the local print well from another business), gets passing foot traffic and word of mouth. Given his mistrust and lack of understanding, I figure my best approach would be

  1. To work-out an offer that takes away any risk from his point of view (meaning I have to take the risk!). 2. That beats the ROI of his current print advertising.

  2. To remove his risk I thought that if I offer him a starting deal where I set a target (say 20 targeted clicks to his site), to be hit within 6 months (lots of leeway), where he pays nothing if I don’t hit the target, but the slightly inflated price of £500 (approx. 750USD) if I do. A ‘win win deal’ from his point of view.

  3. I know that the local print advertising hits about £18 per phone enquiry - so If I equate a site visit to a phone enquiry (stupid??) and say what beats the ROI for £500 of print advertising here?..
    £500 of print advertising / 18 calls =28 calls
    So add say 5 calls/clicks to ‘beat the print ROI’
    I have to get say 33 clicks for £500 (I’ll proably use adwords, so lets assume Google puts in their regular £30 starters-voucher).

I’m aiming to put in 5 hours setting up/tweaking an Adwords campaign. Which is time I can afford to lose if I don’t hit the target.

What do you think? Achievable? Crazy? Thanks.