1 Centralised CMS for Multiple Websites

Hi Guys,

need to come up with a centralised CMS for a client with multiple websites. The CMS needs to manage all the sites in the one CMS. I know there’s a couple of modules for Joomla but would appreciate if anyone knows any alternate options.

thanks in advance.

I am not sure if Drupal will suit you or not.Drupal is also a good option for you as it can be customized according to your needs as it is open source.

ExpressionEngine does this marvellously. There is an extension you buy, called Multiple Site Manager, which allows several websites to be managed from the one CMS. Only rider is that the sites have to be on the same server (I think).

^ yes the sites must be on the same server account.

EE’s Multi Site Manager is wonderful. Not only can you run several sites from one CMS but you can easily share common content across sites.