Multi Site CMS

I am looking for some CMS which offers multi site environment. All of the sites are launch on separate domains using the single CMS. The structure of the system might look like this:

Parent Site

  • Child Site 1
  • Child Site 2
  • Child Site 3

You can assume the software house website which offers multiple services (e.g. web development, hosting, consultancy, etc) and when you click on any of the services it takes you to the separate domain but behind the content is fetch from the same CMS.

If you guys know any CMS fulfill my requirements please make your recommendation. I prefer open source but don’t mind purchasing of one.

Thank You in advance.


If you want to do some powerlifiting, think about our product, Jentla, which sits on top of Joomla. It is designed for largescale multisite implementations.



Yes that sounds very similar to the approach I was describing. Keep it as simple as possible and share as much as you can :wink:

Not a team member, but I do contribute anyway I can in the opensource community. The software works great and was just what I needed for friends and family who need web sites. I just find it to be such a pain in having to update multiple web sites and their core backend software…with the subsites module, this is not the case.

If you try it out, I’m curious as to what your thoughts are.

With SilverStripe CMS, the subsites module updates the existing DB w/ support of having multiple web site instances while sharing all of the existing modules functionality. If I were to create a Gallery on one web site (subsite), it would have no effect on another web site (subsite)… Very convenient especially when each web site appears to be independent, when in reality it’s on the same DB using the same code. The only thing that keeps them apart in the code is their individual template files…

I’ve looked into doing this sort of thing and would be apt to go with Drupal because it is well equipped for doing multilingual and multi-site.

From what I have researched with Drupal, you would do a single install of the code, shared modules, etc… and then you would create a new database for each sub site. Apparently you can have a single database for the main and sub sites but that doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

Regardless of what technology or whether you build from scratch or use a package like Drupal, Joomla, WP, Modx, as your foundation, it’s going to require some significant time for R&D.

Never heard of this CMS before. will definitely give a try.

Are u one of the team member/contributor of this CMS :slight_smile:

All you need is SilverStripe w/ the SubSites module… All for free and this works VERY well! Each web site can by assigned to 1 or multiple domains… So if you are working on a web site and do not want to publish it just yet, use a temporary url.

You will thank me in the end :wink:

Visual appearance of Modx is attractive but lacks the features which I was looking for. Anyways it helps me to create our system visually appealing :slight_smile: I took the decision to develop our own after immense research.

We’re developing kind of system which offers multilingual support with Replication of English language contents. Whatever you’re uploading suppose to be in three language whether its any page or module (Poll, Gallery, News, etc).

Many CMS offers multilingual support but you’ve to publish for every language separately. But in our scenario we’re offering user to publish in one go.

Hey holmescreek,
I have similar kind of requirement and we’ve got some project which requires multi-site/multi-lingual/multi-user support and I’ve explored many CMS but no luck.

Now we’ve start building our own CMS using ASP.NET MVC framework. If you’re interested just PM me then I’ll share some of the features.

Btw I’ve tired WP MU as well. Actually it generates new tables when you create new site so you can’t really pull the info together. Actually you can but you’ve to write some nested query and joins.

Glad I found this thread.

I’ve been looking at Joomla, JMS Multi Site, or rolling my own site with php and maybe codeigniter but maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

I’m wanting, for example, to set up a portal for my county.

First, each town in the county would have their own section where the “town manager” can write articles and post events to the city event calender, etc. These would also contain some static pages “Town History” etc.

Second, the home page would pull and display the most recent articles and events from all town sections.

Last, of course, visitors could use the menu to switch between towns

Any suggestions?

Thanks, I was checking it out today and actually found a site that uses WP to do something similar with a newspaper.

I guess I need to DL it then check how difficult it is to incorporate my own php code / plugin building. I was also looking at ModX which seems to be very powerful as a CMS framework, but so far found the documentation lacking.

Thanks for the info haseeb. I’m not really impressed with WP anyways, the template code looks really messy. Joomla seems like it would be easier for an end-user updating a site anyways.

Have you looked at Modx? It is a php cms framework. I’ve written a ton of back-end cms systems and was just looking at something to speed up the process. I may just go with code igniter and build my own back-end using a php framework this time around.


Hmm, I installed WP 3 with a parent site and two child sites. The problem that I see is that there is not a way to pull recent articles (or calendar events) from all of the child sites and list them in the main content of the parent.

Checked the WP forums and a few other people noticed this too. Seems the above feature would be the actual purpose of a multisite setup with a parent and child sites (in most but not all cases).

Wordpress 3.0 - has the the multiblog feature

I’ve done this sort of thing with Drupal before, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it to you - it’s a pretty heavy codebase to get to grips with. It was quite a while ago but the process was fairly painful.

Unfortunately, what you’re asking is not trivial to do - most CMS assume you have one site that needs to look the same across multiple domains, or one CMS driving different sites for each domain.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful - good luck!

Thanks for your input. I have explored Wordpress MU but I guess its only for Blogging purpose you can not use it as CMS. One more thing I would like to add here I need multi lingual support as well.

Hey moderator of this forum can you please move this thread to CMS category. I think I’ve post it in wrong category that is why I am not getting much feedback.

If they aren’t sharing content, why not use 4 instances of the same CMS? Lots easier than making everything work together and will keep things flexible for future changes.

on the parent site we need to show the content of child sites. Lets say if we put news on child 1 then it will appear on Parent site as well. Same apply to document and other contents. But One child site is independent of other child sites.