ColdFusion on J2EE AND .NET?! No Way….

Eric Jones

Yes way! BlueDragon, that great little Georgia USA company, has just put out the .NET version of their BlueDragon CF Server.

What does this mean to CF developers? MORE OPTIONS!

We’ve all heard Macromedia talk up the J2EE integration with CFMX and we’ve seen BlueDragon bring this to there version 6.1 as well. Some of you I’m sure have watched and waited for the .NET framework version. So what does this mean exactly?

BlueDragon for the Microsoft .NET Framework is a special technology preview release that will allow you to natively integrate and deploy your CFML on the .NET platform. Leverage BlueDragon for native hi-performance integration with COM, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, C# and Visual Basic.NET.

So just like all those Java & JSP coders out there, those of you who have an interest in .NET or wish to migrate or use the .NETframework, can now do so and keep your CF Applications running.

BlueDragon for the Microsoft .NET Framework is implemented as an HttpHandler (the ASP.NET equivalent of a Java Servlet) and is delivered in an assembly (BlueDragon.dll). CFML pages are automatically processed from within any ASP.NET web application (IIS directory or virtual directory).

This means you can write and use most of the .NET code you’ve created or will create.

I think this post on Gadetopia says it best.