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A couple of weeks ago we launched the 2009 SitePoint Reader Survey, which will not only help us shape into the kind of site that our community wants it to be, but also provide us with data to help us determine which advertisers are relevant to our community.

To encourage readers to take the survey, we promised that one lucky participant would win one of four amazing prizes—an iPhone 3GS, a Nintendo Wii (with games), a Wacom Intuous4 tablet, or $1,000 to be donated to charity.

We’d like to say a big, “Thank you,” to all who donated a few minutes of their time to help make this place better for all of us. However, as the film Highlander informs us, “There can be only one!” On that note, I’m very happy to announce that the winner of the reader survey prize draw is:

  • M. M. Irshad Ahamed.

Irshad is a freelance web designer from Sri Lanka, who has participated in many design contests on SitePoint (and now 99designs). Irshad has chosen as his prize the iPhone 3GS (with accessories) which has a total value of US $1,000.

To the question, “What is the single most important challenge in your professional life that we can help you with and how would the answer/solution affect your work?” Irshad answered:

Time and work management. If I can manage both very well, I will be a more successful person in my chosen industry.

The server platforms Irshad is passionate about are Flex/Flash, Java/JSP, and Perl, and he envisages moving on to ASP.NET in the coming months.

Well done and congratulations to Irshad!

Once again, I’d like to thank each and every one of the 5,000 people who completed the survey. There was some invaluable feedback in there, which we’ll be reviewing and discussing in the coming weeks.

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