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There are some days when an interesting technology just makes you sit up and think ‘Thats a really good idea!’, and today is one of those days.

Working with TelSim Software, to test their new ‘Noah’ technology which is essentially a web site enhancement device driven in Flash, I was astounded at how easy it is to create a more usable and emphasized experience of a series of pages within a site.

Take for example, the home page, there are many links and options, and after you’ve been there a few times, it’s easy to navigate around, but for the first time visitors who may not know what they are looking for, then why not have a friendly avatar that directs you around the screen pointing out the major sections / offers that you may have on.

I’ve noticed since the phireworx avatar has been present on the front page of the site for the past couple of days, that the amount of users who visit the home page of the site and click through from the links rather than clicking off to another site increased by 37%, no mean feat!

It certainly grabs your attention, and TelSim are looking for shopping cart sites to test the before and after results with whom they will work a discount!

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