By Matthew Magain

99designs Logo Contest Winner Announced!

By Matthew Magain

The most popular design contest ever held on SitePoint — to design the logo for the next evolution of SitePoint’s Design Contests, 99designs — has come to a close, and a winner has been announced!

In what was by far the largest contest to date in terms of both entrants and designs submitted, Bonic‘s simple design incorporating a sketched folder (indicating thumbnail sketches that are part of the design process) has been declared the winning logo that will be used to shape the identity of 99designs.

Here are some statistics about the contest:

  • First prize: $1,000
  • Second prize: $200
  • Number of designers: 311
  • Number of submissions: 1472
  • Contest length (days): 4
  • Number of star ratings left: 280
  • Number of contest comments: 191
  • Number of feedback comments: 1304

I’ve written before about what makes a good design contest, and there are a couple of lessons that contest holders can take away from this contest to ensure that future contests are successful. For example, in addition to offering a reasonable prize and being prompt and diligent when leaving feedback, a winner for this contest was selected even though the design still needs some tweaking.

Another decision that made this contest successful was to award a second prize winner (congratulations designabot!). This isn’t necessarily something that every contest holder is in a position to be able to do, but it’s a great way to reward a designer who may not have won, but who came very close and whose work you still admired.

Stay up to date with the evolution of 99designs via the SitePoint Development Blog.

  • Sojan80

    I like the simplicity of it! Too bad I didn’t think of it myself…

    So when can we expect to see the design live and in action?

  • gafadi

    nice logo . i couldnt participate coz i didnt register before and when i did register here it was gone , anyway nice logo , simple and cool

  • You can expect to see the new 99designs site and logo go live in the next 6-8 weeks.

  • ilych

    more power to sitepoint!

  • Ryan

    Yep that is nice :)

  • Dear Sitepoint,

    I’m glad you’ve got your new logo and no doubt you’re very happy with what you have paid for it.

    I have to say I’m disgusted to see such a well established industry figure embarking on contests that devalue the design profession significantly.

    I have never agreed with contests as you are asking people to do work for free. However, now I have seen your figures I have to say I think you really are taking the piss with this one.

    With the total prize award of $1200 (Aus $?) this is the equivalent of paying the following based on your figures:

    $3.86 (£1.72, US $3.42) per designer
    $0.82 (£0.37, US $0.73) per submitted design

    Assuming an average of 45 minutes per design (I suspect this to be a low estimate), you have paid the equivalent of $1.09 (£0.49, US $0.97) for every hour of design time that has gone into these designs that you will now profit from – significantly.

    To sitepoint – Would you work for $1.09 per hour? I don’t think so.
    To the contestants – Do you really value your work so poorly that you will only work for these rates? There are much more profitable ways to earn a living from logo design. Find some clients, work directly with them and avoid contests.

  • To Anonymous,

    There is more to a contest than simply making money. As shown by a number of SP articles and posts there are more benefits to a contest than winning.

    For me it is a great way to try out lots of ideas and help keep you thinking creatively.
    It allows your work to be seen by lots of people other than the contest holder who maybe interested in hiring you.
    Many designers have got repeat business from a contest which they wouldn’t have otherwise received.

    If you don’t like the system or think it is in anyway unfair, no one is forcing you to enter. But judging by the figures above, many people including myself are happy to enter.

  • Hi Chrome,

    I do unerstand there are many reasons why people take part in the contests and understand they do have value for people such as students or recent grads who are looking to build a portfolio.

    I still can’t however feel that these people are being exploited – I do agree that this is a free choice though.

    I do find the system unfair and won’t take part myself. I am in no way saying “DO NOT ENTER CONTESTS AND BOYCOTT SITEPOINT” – this has to be an individual choice. I just feel that every contest has a winner – the person who runs the contest and gets all these peoples time at a very low rate.

  • Andy,

    I think you’ll find a lot of entrants aren’t students or new grads.

    I guess we all have our opinions and standards we work too. I can’t see how people are being exploited. Everything is clearly outlined before the start of the contest. Ervyone knows the rules, the prize money and what will happen if they don’t win. No tricks no scams.

    Humans have a natural instinct to compete and often the contests are a great way to work with a lot of great designers and share banter along the way.

  • RonnieFizz

    Guys it makes great sense as far as the cost per design.
    however i do think that when it comes to sitepoint, I personally along with a lots of designers that i’m sure can vouch for, this competition was rather fun than exploitation. WE ALL LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY FROM SITEPOINT. taking the time out of my day to try a logo for 99designs was just fun.

    The exploitation part is the guy who starts a contest and doesn’t care much about the contest. For whatever purpose.

    Like crome say you dont have to be a student or new grad to hit sitepoint.
    -when i go home from my office at night ..its fun for me to hit contests.
    i don’t mind the idea.
    that’s me.

  • LouC

    I can see where Andy is coming because I used to think like that too. But tend to agree with the others. It was FREE entry and a free choice decision to enter knowing it would be popular.

    To ‘have a go’ and be chosen as outstanding amongst your peers is ultimate – just ask olympic athletes why they enter contests.

    I LOVE to see my designs all over the town where I live. From the huge logo on the local surf shop to business stationery and web sites I’ve designed and I can’t even remember how much I charged them for it and I’ve long spent the money.

    Sitepoint is a community just like my hometown and I reckon the prizemoney was only the bonus for the winner.

  • Jonathan

    I agree 100% with Andy. Logo contests for hypothetical companies or organizations are fun and offer the chance to compete and show off work, which is great.

    Contests like this accomplish all of this while also allowing a company or organization to only have to pay a tiny amount for a huge amount of work. As long as people continue to enter these contests, they devalue the time and skill of everyone in the industry.

  • Anonymous

    99 degisn is not good, because some one like to copy the original works. but the 99design can not deal with it.

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