This tutorial will show you how to create a cool pop up windows with no toolbars.

1. Create a button in your Flash file.

2. Right click the button and go to actions give actions:

     getURL ("JavaScript:openWin('test.html', '250', '250')");

3. Publish your movie, selecting the HTML and Flash options you prefer.

4. Open the html page in notepad, and insert the following code in between the <head> and </head> tags.

 <script language="JavaScript"> 
function openWin(url, w, h)
var winprop = "width=" + w + ",height=" + h;
openwin =,'',winprop);

That's it! Preview your page in a browser.

Georgina has more than fifteen years' experience writing and editing for web, print and voice. With a background in marketing and a passion for words, the time Georgina spent with companies like Sausage Software and cemented her lasting interest in the media, persuasion, and communications culture.

  • sillysicko

    This only works in AS2, because getURL is removed in AS3

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