Simple jQuery code snippet to replace all occurrences of characters (or strings) within a string. It could be used to find and replace all substrings found inside a string. Don’t forget to leave out the quotes on the first parameter (the g stands for global, you can also use i for an case insensitive search).

//global search in string
str = str.replace(/find/g,”replace”);
//OR global and case insensitive search in string
str = str.replace(/find/gi,”replace”);

global replace with dynamic var

//global replace
var regex = new RegExp('{'+fieldname+'}', "igm");
$itemForm = $itemForm.replace(regex, fieldvalue);

Also see: jQuery Read Text File Via AJAX.


Tags: jquery global replace, jquery insert string inside string, jquery replace all
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  • Deepti

    iam not able to use.. this wht will be in
    str = str.replace(/find/gi,”replace”);

    if i want to replace a particular word in string..
    like thee is sentence
    i want to make this happen, it happen that way only
    i want to replace happen word with some other word..
    is this right.. but its not working..

    • Name

      Check your quotes.

      Try single quotes for example:


      • HongHieu

        if i do:
        var str = “happen”;

        it do not work.
        help me

  • SatheeshKumar

    Really this was useful. Non of my search told me to remove the quotes in the first parameter. Thanks a Lot.

  • Sam

    This is Javascript not jQuery.


    Works like a charm, thanks

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