jQuery On-Screen Keyboard

Sam Deering

This is a simple on-screen keyboard powered by JavaScript/jQuery. I have made some enhancements to the jsKeyboard plugin and fixed some bugs it had and added it to GitHub.


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  • * Updated default keyboard layout
  • * Hooked up to work with mutiple field inputs
  • * Added cursor to show when typing
  • * Fixed bug: types character on cursor position instead of appending
  • * Fixed bug: deletes on character position instead of last character
  • * Fixed bug: space actually adds a space
  • * Added HTML5 validation rules

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  • mknjhill

    I have a question. I want to use this on my login page and it seems to work accept for the enter wont submit the form. any idea how to accomplish this?

    the current login button is just

    appreciate any help fixing this :)

  • mknjhill

    ok i fixed it replace all the document.forms['login'].submit(); with document.forms['login'].submit(); and add id=”login” to your form :)

  • Waldorfian

    How can I reference an ASP.NET textbox input control?

  • aat

    Amazing plugin! Thanks a lot for sharing!! greetings from the Netherlands!

  • Tobi0123

    I ca’t find the documentation or the install site. Can someone provide me with the right side? thx

  • Cipri

    Is this supposed to be working on input fields create by jQuery at runtime? I can’t make it work so. Thanks!