There are a number of different ways to check if a checkbox is checked (ticked). You can use either jQuery or plain JavaScript it doesn’t really matter. Here are 3 examples to wet your appetite. Could be useful when you need to check that a user has ticked a checkbox before submitting a form.

Check if a checkbox IS CHECKED

// First way 

// Second way 

// Third way for jQuery 1.2
    function() { 
       // Insert code here 
// Third way == UPDATE jQuery 1.3
    function() { 
       // Insert code here 

Check if a checkbox IS NOT CHECKED

if ($('input[name=termsckb]').attr('checked') != true) {


if ($('#email_ckb').attr('checked') != true) {
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  • Jordon

    Couldn’t you also do the following to validate checkbox is unchecked:

    if(!$(‘#mycheckbox’).attr(‘checked’)) {
    //code here

    or is this frowned on due to how easy it is to overlook when reading?

  • kevin

    how about prop()?


  • Lapaix Jasmin

    Can u please tell me, How to check checked checkboxes from multiple forms on same page

  • G


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