As bloggers, I think all of us love interview guests and guest bloggers because we get free content out of their expertise. We get free traffic too sometimes if they are willing to promote the work they did with you.

Last week, it occurred to me that finding a good interview guest or guest blogger, who is all about bringing value to your readers and don't mind promoting your blog, is really hard.

Moreover, even if you are able to come up with blog posts without relying on any help, having a quote from a third party that concurs with your points will lend credibility to your writing (like what they do for news reporting or columns).

Then I decided to start putting the name of individuals who helped me out together with all their details (email address, social media profiles, blog URL, etc.) into a project management tool. From there, I plan to follow up with them at least once every month via email or social media just to maintain the relationship.

I'm also thinking of seeking their permission to add them to a mailing list so that I can send all of them an email if there is a blog post that I need their input with.

Have any of you did something like this? What do you think about the idea?