I am attempting to create a website. I need a hosting company. My website needs to play audio samples like iTunes and it needs a map locator. Currently I just want to build an minimum viable product to test the market for my idea. However, I want to choose a hosting company I can grow with. Given the audio feature I need are there hosting companies that are better for this feature or is space, space? I also need a database (I am told a cms) for users to submit information re: their location? I understand products like joomla, drupal, and wordpress would do this. What features would a hosting company need so that I can incorporate this on my site? As of yet I do not know the Programs my website will need in the future. Given the criteria I listed above what are the features I would need in hosting company to support and grow those above features? Also, can u recommend sow hosting sites- fast loading, great customer service, own their servers (no resellers), minimal downtime.