Here's a great GOTCHA courtesy of YouTube when you try to set up a Channel for corporate use.

Owners Google, despite being an enormous company full of supposedly clever people, haven't got round to the concept that companies don't have a Date Of Birth or a Gender, or a Mobile Phone, etc.

They explain that there is no dedicated procedure for setting up a company YouTube Channel, you just use the ordinary 'Individuals' process. You need to sign in with a Google Account, and then you can set up a YouTube Channel.

What could be simpler?

My client already has a Google Account used (for several years) only for corporate matters (Adwords and Analytics), so we logged in with that and then started setting up a YouTube Channel. We entered our desired Username, then Location, no problems there. It asked for our Date Of Birth, so as it is a company we put 1st January 2011 (ie easy to remember 1/1/11, should it be required in future). Then it asked for Gender, and the options were Male, Female or Other. We put Other.

Clicked Next and guess what happened? Wham! In big bold letters:

The Google Account for has been disabled.
You will not be able to sign in to this account or use it to access any Google products or services.
You do not meet the age requirements for a Google Account. This account will be deleted in 29 days unless the birthday you entered was incorrect and you submit proof that you are 13 years old or older. Learn more.
If you are 13 years old or older, click here to start the account unlock process.

No 'Are you sure?'. No second chance. Clever, clever Google has cleverly discovered that we are 'under 13 years old'. How clever. Not.

So the entire Google account has been instantly DISABLED. This is the account we use to manage the client's Adwords account, spending a budget of $42,000 per year. Plus Google Analytics. Chopped dead in a millisecond because these Google/YouTube people can't be bothered to provide a sensible sign up procedure for the Companies who provide their income.

How on Earth could we be reasonably expected to guess that this would happen? Franz Kafka is alive and well, and working for Google.

Now, according to their next procedure, to recover the Google account someone has to provide a credit card number and pay $0.30, or send a 'Government Document' to prove that 'someone' is over 13 years of age. Then the account can be re-enabled and we can regain control over our $42,000 per year Adwords campaign. Very tempting to review that budget and chop it right down in retribution, since its effectiveness is frankly far from certain...

This is a ridiculous and unnecessary situation, I think. The trouble with the Google propeller-heads is that they lack COMMON SENSE!

Further searches of Google reveal a truly amazing variety of complicated problems people experience trying to set up corporate YouTube accounts. You couldn't make it up...