How to Set Up Your Social Media Profiles?

Hi everyone! Right now I am about to embark on a social media campaign for a client. I’m pretty well versed in how to leverage social media (Twitter, Digg, StumbledUpon, etc) to gain traffic and awareness.

I do however have a question about how to best create profiles on these social media sites. Typically if I have a client, say XYV Corp… I will go to these social media sites and build a profile under the name of XYZ corp, so my Digg username for example will be xyzcorp and will contain a link back to the XYZ Corp. website.

Recently I have seen many companies rather than use a corporate profile they instead have one of their employees create a profile under their own name (i.e. Joe Montana), so their Digg account for example will be joem, and it will have a picture of Joe. The profile usually will disclose that person works for XYZ Corp. or whatever company in question.

Considering I will be of course networking on these sites, adding friends, interacting with people, what do you feel is the best approach when creating these profiles. Should I create them as XYZ Corp. or as myself?


This isn’t exactly answering your question, but digg is more of a social news site, rather than a directory. The “XYZ corp” should provide links for digg users to submit articles on their own instead of submitting the articles themselves.

But hey that’s just my .02

@sparq - thanks for the reply, but we are trying to build awareness by posting to social media sites directly. Although we have the standard Digg it, Tweet it type buttons, we don’t have the traffic yet for that to make a real impact. Instead we want to become part of the community of these sites where we can offer relevant information to a select group.

Use the businesses name. Trying to hide the fact your using it for business and doing the obvious occasional self promotion may be seen as a subtle attempt at spam. You’re less likely to be banned if you just say “I’m a business, here’s what were interested in” - though don’t spam of course! :slight_smile:

Sorry never do that …
Thanks for sharing this information about set profile business in social media …
it’s makes me more easy to do that …

Using business name will show other members who you really are and what company you are working for. Using the names is not good enough as people might not know that you are working for xyz company.

first your username is must be domain name and u upload a background image which is your favorite and very attractive. You also fill your whole profile and most important thing is about us.

You should use yoor company name as your username and company logo as your profile image

There is no certain formula to the success of social media profiles! You will need to be aware of the trends and mix those valuable things. On a whole any social campaign though it may not have a unique product, if the members in the network feels it’s a genuine one, you will meet the success!!:slight_smile: