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    0 Thread(s) site and sql on Amazon web services?

    I'm not a developer, far from it, but I'm looking 1) for cost effective server power and 2)on demand scalability.

    We're currently hosting our staging site on a vps with cbeyond but we're going to need a much more powerful server when we go live. so my options are upgrade with cbeyond (very pricy) or migrate.

    Before I present to my developer "lets move to AWS" i want to know the headaches that will be involved and if its even doable. I dont want to present him with yet another difficult task right before we launch, but we both agree that a more powerful server is needed.

    We're running 3.5 and sql server 2008. Is there a steep learning curve required to move over to AWS (any suggested resources) or can we still run all the famailiar microsoft technology with AWS?

    Annotated version:
    1) /sql possible on AWS?
    2) headaches presented by this?
    3) suggested resources?

    Thanks in advance.

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    1) Yes. Azure might be a better option though, that is the 1st case
    2) Yes. Main issues is infrastructure is going to be slow and unreliabile. Read netflix tech blog, especially the chaos monkey post.
    3) See #2.

    If your site is bound to the database pretty tightly, as are most .NET apps, you will see some performance hits running on the cloud, especially if you use different instances for web and database server.

    Also, do you know you won't scale on your current vps? As in do you actually have measurements?

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