AWS or Azure for hosting

I and my team has developed a website for language learning. We are getting 300.000~600.000 requests per day. Our site is hosted on 16gb ram Windows server from Azure. The server is getting much slower and unstable. We have had <6 hours downtime in the last week. We are thinking about migrating from Azure to Amazon AWS. Have you tried to use Amazon AWS or Azure before?

Well the simple answer to this is ‘contact your Azure support and ask the question of what they recommend to handle the requests, because your server is becoming unstable’.

And yes, i’d include the word unstable, because it’ll flag to the Azure rep that you’ve got a problem.

25,000 requests an hour is a fair number, but not overly undue for a web site. Does your site contain extensive scripting, database requests, or video hosting?

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Extensive sitemap generation and views. We have talked with Azure support. They want us to upgrade the virtual machine to 32gb. $300 per month for hosting is too much.

So then contact an AWS support representative, ask them about options, give them your site viewing figures, site data bandwidth rates (which is more important), current server load and issues. If AWS come back to you and also say the box needs to have more RAM, it’ll be a question of price vs downtime, won’t it?

Changing hosts doesnt miraculously make a 16GB-RAM box act like a 32GB-RAM box, if that’s truly what you need.

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$300 per month for hosting is too much.

That’s really not unreasonable for the amount of traffic you’re getting. I doubt you’d save much by switching to AWS. If your app is slowing down, then it needs to be optimized, refactored to scale horizontally, or you need to keep throwing more computer at it.


Also you need to take into account that if you switch, your entire application plus data must be moved over to AWS and tested there as well, which can easily cost you one week of man power. How much does that cost versus what will be saved per month when you’re on AWS. And then how long would you need to run on AWS for that one person week to be worth the switch?

I think you’ll find that all things considered switching to a 32GB machine, or refactoring your application (it sounds like it could use some caching/CDN) will be a much better investment than moving to a different provider hoping for the best.

Also, you seem to be assuming that Azure is somehow hindering how your software runs. I don’t think that’s very likely. There are a few very big, very reliable hosting partners nowadays, and Azure is definitely one of them. As said before, AWS isn’t going to magically run your software a lot better on comparable hardware.


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