I hope this explanation is not too garbled. I have been going around in circles trying to figure this one out. I am used to using commercial hosting providers with sophisticated user interfaces where I can easily create my databases, and then I just FTP all my files to the server to get my sites up and running. This situation I describe below is new to me.

I am working on a site redesign. I think the contact person is using a reseller hosting account (not sure, though, because I don't know much about it). He does everything with cgi scripts. I was given access to a generic cPanel via an IP address and I am trying to set up a plain index.html page for testing (later to be replaced by a WordPress install).

I do not understand the directory structure that shows. There is a public_html folder, a www folder and other various folders and .files.
Inside the public_html folder, and the www folder, is a folder named with the site's domain name (ie mydomain.com). What is the purpose of the directory named mydomain.com?

This domain name is still pointing to the old site in a different hosting account. We have registered a new domain (mydomain.ca) for the hosting account I have access to so we don't have to take the old site down yet, but I do not know how to point the new domain name to this new hosting account (using its DNS?).

I uploaded the index.html and stylesheet to the public_html directory, but get nothing by an error message when I type the IP address into the address bar of the browser. Did I upload the files to the correct directory? If so, is there anything else I should be doing to have the test webpage show up?

Thanks in advance for your help.