How to use comments in jQuery, automate your comments using a plugin and effectively comment witout floading comments use them effectively.

Basic jQuery comments

jQuery comments are started with a double forward slash which tells the interpreter that the following text on the line is not to be processed as JavaScript. jQuery comments can be either inside a function or outside it makes no difference.

function myFunction ( myVar, myVar2 ) {
// Pay attention to spaces around
// the brackets and curly brackets
// some prefere it like this
function myFunction()

Multi-line jQuery comments

Multi-line jQuery comments are enclosed within a combination of a forward slash and an asterisk like so:

/* comment */

jQuery Commenting Guidelines

Here are a couple of pointers for commenting in jQuery:

  1. Long comments should use /* ... */.
  2. Single line comments should always be on their own line and be
    above the line they reference. Additionally there should be an
    extra endline above it. For example:

var some = "stuff";

   // We're going to loop here
   for ( var i = 0; i < 10; i++ ) {}


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