1. ASP.NET MVC Preview 3 is Out!

    Long-time no blog, eh? I am slowly climbing back into the saddle here after life got sidetracked by a combination of personal and professional issues that were consuming 27 or so hours a day. I’ll post a full .NET on the ‘Net update next week, but for now I will leave you with a round-up […]

  2. .NET on the ‘NET March 10-17: SubSonic Rocks and MVC is Hawt

    This is being posted bit later than “early in the week.” But then again, I got the fun job of migrating some PHP apps (unfortunately of my own nubile design so I cannot point fingers). I never thought I would miss the yellow screen of death until I hit the blank screen of death. No […]

  3. .NET on the NET March 2-9: MIX Hangover Edition

    On the really off chance that you missed it, MIX08 has come and gone. I posted some reflections here and here. Definitely make sure to check out the webcasts [NB: install Silverlight 2 first] if you get a chance. Lots of great stuff was released to the web at the show—Matthew Podwyoski has a good […]

  4. Microsoft & IE8: Let’s Move On and Make It Great

    Writing about anything involving Microsoft or Internet Explorer here at SitePoint tends to stir up a bit of a hornets nest. With good reason—even I, Microsoft Shill that I am, cannot claim that Microsoft has had anything but an abysmal track record since 2000 insofar as browser innovation, security and especially web standards support. I […]

  5. MIXing It Up: Day Two

    Sorry for the belated post—I got a bit tied up with, well, MIX and couldn’t even start pulling this together until I hopped on the plane. Anyhow, I survived TAO and the horrible dryness of the desert—I can’t sleep past 5:30 am in Vegas it seems—to make it to MIX day two. And what a […]

  6. IE8, ACID2 and You

    This is a bit of a follow-on to the feedback from the initial IE8-is-here post. First, on ACID2, see this post from the IE team. If you aren’t in the clicking mood, the short answer is that you need to use the official one due to security constraints baked into IE8. As for the “what […]

  7. MIXing It Up: Day One

    MIX 08 kicked off this morning with a multi-headed keynote that had loads of “wow” factor. Far and away the biggest takeaway: Microsoft is very serious about connected systems and open standards. The old embrace-extend-extinguish model is largely dead. Ray Ozzie kicked the thing off, but his buzzword density made me want to puke. If […]

  8. MIXing It Up: Pre-Keynote Note

    Morning update: nothing much to report other than the blog zone is a really awesome idea. Free booze with 360s is very, very nice. Why did they have to make the Maker’s Mark so pure? That and, if you can clear 2.5 hours on your schedule today, you can see the MIX08 keynote live. Furthermore, […]

  9. .NET on the ‘NET Feb 22-March 1: PreMIX Edition

    It was a pretty quiet week as I suspect most of the ASP.NET world is busily preparing to mix it up at MIX08 in Vegas starting today. Speaking of which, I’m about to head to Vegas myself. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t bite. At least after the 2nd drink. So, if you’ll be there, […]