1. .NET on the ‘NET Feb 15-22: Silverlight 2 is Sweet

    First, an abbreviated Windows 2008 Server trip report: it is freaking awesome in too many ways to enumerate at the moment. Now, on to the regularly scheduled foray into the DotNetosphere. Today Scott Guthrie gave us a very impressive first look at Silverlight 2. Don’t miss the tutorials on building the Digg application at the […]

  2. .NET on the ‘Net Feb 8-14: Windows 2008 Server Made My Valentines Day

    Hey ladies and laddies. It was a very, very significant week in .NET. First and foremost, Windows Server 2008 was released to manufacturing and it is currently available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers. The most significant offshoot, for us ASP.NET types, is that this opens the door to production IIS7 hosting. Which oftentimes translates to […]

  3. .NET on the ‘Net Feb 1-7: DataContext Dilemmas & Versioning Databases

    In the running for “post of the week” there is an outright tie between Rick Strahl’s brilliant post on strategies to handle Linq to SQL’s DataContext dilemma. Her threw in a set of sample business object wrapper samples for good measure. K. Scott Allen posted an equally brilliant series of articles on database version management. […]

  4. Visual Studio 2008 RTM Is Here!

    In case you have been under a rock, shacking up or in jail or otherwise indisposed, Visual Studio 2008 RTM is here! For full details, see Scott Guthrie’s official announcement. Personally, I think the most compelling new features are: Javascript intellisense & debugging. Quite frankly, I suck at javascript–even after reading the very awesome Simply […]

  5. We ASP.NET Geeks Have Lost Nothing

    Rob Conery—the creator of the very, very slick SubSonic persistence framework—writes that he has forgotten a lot of HTML and javascript. He ain’t lying. I took his little challenge and failed miserably. Then again, I realized how glad I was that I had not had to struggle with, nor implement, manual form handling in quite some time. While I might have lost something by becoming an ASP.NET junkie, at the same time I gained a lot of very, very powerful tools to make complex, interactive web applications without having to worry too much about how to wire up HTML forms.

  6. .NET Framework Source Code to be Released!

    Scott Guthrie has made the very, very cool announcement that the bulk of the .NET framework source code will be released! If you have ever spent hours trying to decypher ASP.NET in reflector, or pulling your hair out trying to make custom controls play well, this should make you a very happy person.

  7. Public Website Admin Tools: Divide and Conquer

    One of the first steps when designing a web application is figuring out how to administer the beast and where these admin tools should live. Often this comes down to one key question: should the public website itself also be the administrative tool? While there is no single approach that works in every situation, I […]