Tiffany B. Brown is a freelance web developer and technical writer based in Los Angeles. Brown offers web development and consulting services to larger agencies and small businesses. A former member of the Opera Software developer relations team, Brown is also co-author of SitePoint's JumpStart HTML5 book. She sporadically writes about web development technology on her blog. You can follow her on Twitter at @webinista.

Tiffany's articles

  1. Building an Offline First App with PouchDB

    Client-side databases remain a sore spot in cross browser offline application development. In one corner, are Safari and Opera ≤ 12. Both of these browsers support Web SQL exclusively. In the other corner, we have Firefox and Internet Explorer (10+), which support IndexedDB exclusively. Chrome (and Opera 15+), for what it’s worth, supports both.

  2. Server-sent Events

    Your basketball team is playing for the Championship. You want to keep track of the game, but it takes place while you’re at work. Luckily, your national news service has a crackerjack web development team. They’ve built a sports ticker that updates with every foul called or basket scored. You visit a URL, and updates are pushed right to your browser. Of course, you wonder how they did that. The answer? Server-sent events.