Premshree studies engineering in Information Technology at Mumbai University, India. He's written articles for a range of popular Indian IT magazines, and his site, QikSearch has featured in 'Digit' Magazine - India's No. 1 technology magazine.

Premshree's articles

  1. XML and JavaScript in Mozilla

    Premshree explains how to read and use XML file data using JavaScript in Mozilla. Learn how to display tag values, tag attribute values, and more in this hands-on tutorial.

  2. Using XML Data Traversal

    Premshree shows how to use an XML-based, client-side JavaScript that reads data from an external XML file, traverses the XML data, and displays it in a tree format.

  3. Read and Display Server-Side XML with JavaScript Article

    Project: An XML-based JavaScript Ticker There are many more properties and methods available, and, using these, you can create many client side applications. The main advantage of using XML with JavaScript is that editing data becomes very easy. As XML is structured, it makes the management of content very easy. One example is a folder-tree […]