Andrew's articles

  1. How to Market Your Business on a Shoestring

    You’re just starting out as a freelancer …and you have $100 to spend on marketing! Do you buy advertising? Start cold-calling? Give up and head to the nearest employment office? Don’t do anything until you read Andrew’s take on the most profitable ways to invest that marketing budget.

  2. Thanks and goodbye to all!

    After over two years writing this blog at Sitepoint, it is time to move on. First, I think I’ve covered most of what I can say in blog format in past entries. It is time for some “new blood” to provide new ideas for you. Second, my own professional practice is evolving, and I’m focused […]

  3. So is third-party web design a dead business?

    Many of your comments to the last blog were quite depressing. Most of you made one of two points: 1. Web design for clients doesn’t pay well. The only way to make money in this business is by designing your own sites and making money that way. 2. Most clients want a lot but won’t […]

  4. The beauty of “re-purposing”

    You may have noticed a transition in my advice over the past 2 and 1/2 years. The shift has been from talking about selling services to selling repeatable programs and products in addition to services. That way, you are building something of sustainable value, and making something once to sell it thousands of times. In […]

  5. How’s your retirement looking?

    My understanding is that there are lots of young people who visit Sitepoint, people in their teens and twenties. I hope that you save 20-50% of every dollar you earn. It may seem hard with rent and food — but it only gets harder later on. If you start saving now and investing wisely, you […]

  6. Results of your Marketing Survey are here! The above URL will let you download the Sitepoint Small Business Survey of 2006. Thanks to Sitepoint again for setting this up with me. Let me know your interpretation of the results, and here are some of my observations: 1. The survey respondents are 86% men. Let’s get more women into this field! 2. […]

  7. This is the kind of website every web designer should design

    I just signed up with, a web-based backup solution. The process meets almost every criteria I can think of for a positive web-based ecommerce service: – First, I heard about the service from a respected colleague, so I was already predisposed to buy. – The home page is simple yet glorious. In a single […]